What’s All The Fuss About?

dab rigs

Dab rigs are one of the newest and hottest smoking trends on the East Coast. These are small, glass pipes that are heated under hot air to smoke herbs and other herbs/cannabis directly from your mouth. A dab rig consists of a mouthpiece, a rig with holes in it (called stem pieces), and glass or acrylic domes called chips. Most of the time these are made out of clear glass but occasionally you will find ones made out of colored glass.


A dab rig is basically the chamber of some glass pipe, sealed on top of an aluminum bong, used mainly for dabbing, usually in the position of a conventional bowl usually found on a standard bong. New dabbers can be overwhelmed by the simplicity of this method, upfront expense, and quantity of accessories needed to utilize different rigs and bongs. For instance, when using a typical bong you would need herb jars, concentrates, oil drops, tongs, etc… which makes for an overwhelming amount of supplies and accessories. In addition, because you are only using your mouth for inhalation, your concentration can be severely affected if you do not use a high quality product like oils and waxes.


Many people use their dab rigs because they are easier to use than water pipes, with the exception of using them with certain oils. However, the difference between a water pipe and a dab rig is that the first one does not require a cooling agent like oils or waxes; all dab rigs must be run with a constant temperature. Another difference is that a water pipe must always be filled with water; a dab rig can have any liquid used inside of them as long as the temperature does not become too hot. Lastly, dab rigs can be more difficult to clean than most water pipes, mainly because residue from the herb and/or concentrate can remain in the water pipes and be sucked into the air hose cleaning it out every time you turn on the water tap.

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