The Pain Behind Morbidity

One of the oldest known institutions for advanced medical care in California, pathology Belmont is located in a quaint enclave along the Southern Oregon coast, near Grants Pass. Founded in 1924, it is one of only two surviving institutions in the state still operating. The other institution, Pacific Medical Institute (PPI), was established just over a century earlier. While a few of the original buildings have been renovated and converted to other uses, most of the building is still standing and serves the same purpose as many of the Oregon death centers before it but with a difference.

Who need sensitive comprehensive medical care?

pathology belmont


Unlike PPI, pathology Belmont offers not only funeral services but also a variety of other types of services that are geared specifically towards individuals who need sensitive, comprehensive medical care in the days after death. The hospital offers a pulmonary rehabilitation unit, a cardiologist center, a dermatologist’s office, and a surgical center. The hospital staff is comprised of physicians, surgeons, therapists, and nurse practitioners. There are over four hundred full-time patient beds in the facility. Because of the many years of experience and dedication that the organization has displayed, they are often referred to as The Keepers of Hope.

As if this weren’t enough, pathology Belmont also has a number of educational programs that provide training to current physicians as well as those who want to further their education. They offer certificates in many areas including endocrinology, oncology, ophthalmology, gastroenterology, obstetrics/maternity, pediatrics, and nutrition. Students also have the opportunity to participate in internships and training in a number of departments including radiology, pathology, internal medicine, oncology, genetics, and infectious disease. The hospital also participates in a large number of patient care programs, such as immunizations and screening for life threatening diseases.

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