Heavy Casters for Industrial Use

If you need to move heavy loads, heavy-duty casters are essential to any material handling equipment. Heavy-duty casters are designed for loads up to four times as heavy as standard 4″ casters, and are ideal for industrial use. These heavy-duty casters are built with a thicker fork leg and a wide load-bearing swivel section. In addition, they are equipped with thick steel plates to withstand the weight of large loads.

Why do casters wobble?

Maxi-Duty heavy-duty casters are ideal for applications that require up to 10 tons of weight. These casters are made with premium forged steel swivel construction for extra strength. They are also designed with a slight crown for enhanced swiveling and rollability. The legs of the rigid models are reinforced with 3/8″ steel plates, and the mounting plates are made with a continuous welded inside and outside connection.

Heavy-duty casters are also used in assembly lines and manufacturing units. They move heavy materials inside factories, and they are a necessity when moving large and heavy items. Because men cannot manually lift and move heavy materials, these casters are essential for these applications. For instance, if you have to move heavy packages and other goods from one place to another, the extra-heavy casters can help you get everything where it needs to be in no time at all.

Another industrial industry that uses heavy-duty casters is the aerospace industry. This industry is involved in the production of airplanes and spacecraft. The aerospace parts are enormous and voluminous, so they require extremely strong casters to move them from one place to another.

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